Period : March 4-12, 2017
Official language : English
Opening hour : 10:00 – 18:00, Monday to Sunday
Location : Goldberg Studio (Müllerstr. 46A, D-80469, München)

“Shaking Heritage,” a special exhibition of the MCBW 2017 partner program, highlights the past, present and the future of Korea’s intangible cultural assets, that have been passed down from one generation to another. It introduces the outcomes of a collaborative project between artisans and designers, “Traditional Culture Heritage New-Design Project,” aimed at reshaping and developing traditional goods to fit today’s purpose.

Intangible cultural heritage, generally manifested and passed within a community, has been passed down from one person to another with the social ethos attaching great importance to skills. Such a tradition can be chosen and modified for today’s needs, testifying to its worth that lasts to this day.As such, this exhibition focuses on the traditional craft itself at the peak of man’s skills, and the approach to crafts taken by the successors of Korea’s major intangible cultural heritage as well as artisans and designers of various fields.

Bringing together the accessories, stationery, lifestyle goods made with sensitizing designs of 11 artisans and designers and exquisite skills of 10 successors of national major intangible cultural heritage, this exhibition is a reproduction of the joint project between National Intangible Heritage Center and Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, “Traditional Culture Heritage New-Design Project.” See for yourself the delicate skills embedded in Korea’s intangible cultural heritage, the culmination of human’s creative talent, and encounter craft products of creative designs whose value today will make them the intangible cultural heritage of tomorrow.

People who create new valuesYong-hee AHN, Sung-ho CHO / Eul-hwa JEONG / Woon-bok JEONG, Sung-ho CHO / Tae-ywan KIM / Myeoung-ae LEE, Se-rin OH / Jin-wook OH / Young-soon OH, Soo-yeon KIM / Hyeong-min PARK, Hee-jin HWANG / Sun-doak PARK, Yeon-kyung KIM / Hyun-seok SIM / Young-hak SON, Kye-ok KIM / Seon-hee YU, Hae-lim SHIN / Jong-sook YUN, Hee-jin HWANG



At Roundtable 2, experts in contemporary jewelry from Korea and Germany will discuss global trends in digital jewelry. The live debate will be about innovation and artistry in jewelry using digital technology and materials. Jewelry designers and creators interested in recent trends in digital jewelry are welcome to attend.Date. March 9, (Thu) Time. 14:00 – 15:40 Place. Studio 2

# Moderator : Bog-ki MIN (Professor of Seoul National University)

# Panelist : Bo-hyung KOH (Professor of Hanyang University) Dr. Petra Holser (Oberkonservatorin der Neuen Sammlung) Prof. Christine Lüdeke (Professor of Pforzheim University School of Design) Paul Derrez (Director of RA gallery, Contemporary Jewelry Artist)



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