everything is fine/the market is fine

everything is fine/the market is fine


235 westminster street/providence/RI/USA


Ristie’s is pleased to announce the opening of its Providence location at
235 Westminster Street. The store opens its doors on April 2nd at 7pm for
a GRAND OPENING LAUNCH PARTY. The two-week launch of the store features
panel discussions and artist talks.
Experimenting with the traditional economic model of packaging, selling, and
presenting art, Ristie’s inverts the idea of gallery as retail store in the guise of
an exhibition. Up front in its fascination with consumerism, this store responds to
the commercial aspects of art, often in a playful and humorous manner.
Ristie’s will feature a diverse sampling of artists’ work that presents a cross section
of subjects, themes, and media.
R I S T I E ‘ S
Thursday, April 2, 2009 @ 7:00pm
Exhibition Launch Party
235 Westminster


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