Geography : An exhibition of contemporary jewelry presented at the SNAG

Geography : An exhibition of contemporary jewelry presented at the SNAG


Westin Seattle/Seattle/WA/USA

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Geography: An exhibition of contemporary jewelry presented at the 2011 Seattle SNAG Conference 
organized by Art Jewelry Forum.

The science of geography seeks to provide a unified view of the natural world
(physical geography) and the relationship between humans and the landscape
(cultural geography).Taking geography as its theme, this exhibition, curated by
Susan Cummins and Mike Holmes and organized by the Art Jewelry Forum,
demonstrates the global nature of the contemporary jewelry field and the diverse
ways that jewelers react to their environment. The exhibition is a celebration of the
amazing variety of the natural world and humanity’s part in it, and a demonstration
of the unusual ability that jewelry has to identify culture and place in a rapidly changing
and increasingly interconnected world. This is Geography.

Participating artists:
Fran Allison, Talya Baharal, Agelio Batle, Suzanne Beautyman, David Bielander,
Alexander Blank, Iris Bodemer, Angela Bubash, Eric Burris, Suzanne Carlsen,
Attai Chen, Jim Cotter, Willemijn de Greef, Bettina Dittlmann, Georg Dobler,
Iris Eichenberg, Jantje Fleischhut, Karen Gilbert, Gabrielle Gould, Mielle Harvey,
Stefan Heuser, Rory Hooper, Marian Hosking, Sergey Jiventin, Sooyeon Kim,
Jenny Klemming, Brooke Marks-Swanson Sharon Massey, Christine Matthias,
Fritz Maierhofer, Malaika Najem, Annelies Planteydt,Alan Preston, Ramon Puig Cuyas,
Tina Rath, Miriam Rowe, Deborah Rudolph, Estela Saez, Dana Seachuga, Nolia Shakti,
Deganit Stern Schocken,Joyce Scott, Helen Shirk, Despo Sophocleous, Cynthia Toops,
Julia Turner, Tarja Tuupanen, Sally von Bargen,
Lisa Walker, Areta Wilkinson, Francis Willemstijn, Andrea Williams, Nancy Worden

Participating galleries:
Aaron Faber Gallery, Caroline van Hoek, Charon Kransen Arts, Crafthaus, De Novo,
Facere Art Jewelry,Fingers, Galerie Louise Smit, Galerie Marzee, Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h,
Galerie Rob Koudijs, Galerie Rosemarie Jager, Gallery Loupe, Gallery Lulo, Heidi Lowe Gallery,
J Cotter Gallery, JewelersWerk Galerie, Klimt02, Mobilia Gallery, Ornamentum, Patina Gallery,
Quirk Gallery, Shibumi Gallery, Mari Shaw, Sienna Gallery, Taboo Studio, The National,
The Signature Shop & Gallery, Traver Gallery, Velvet Da Vinci.


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Seattle… This city gives me memories of being there in 2005. I lived there
about 1 year in 2005.
Someday, I would love to visit Seattle again.. (There are so many places I want
to visit!)


Anyway, I am very happy that I could have a show with great jewelers.
Thanks, Heidi.