Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011

Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011


Grand Hyatt Seoul/10th and 11th Floor/Seoul/Korea

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Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair is hosted by ASIA ART NET organization,
which is promoting vitalization of Asia Art Market. AHAF was successfully
held in The Grand Hyatt Seoul in 2009 and 2010; this year AHAF Seoul 11
will be opened in The Grand Hyatt Seoul from August 19th till August 21st.

Miami Art Fair, SCOPE Art Show, Bridge Art Fair Miami, and other well-known
fairs are held in Europe and Japan. Hotel Art Fairs have successfully entrenched in
Korea as well. In last February AHAF 10 was opened in Hong Kong. This time in Seoul,
we are planning to hold more expansive art with participation of top galleries and
different events prepared.

Hotel Art Fair is a fair in hotel rooms not in typical ‘white cube’ like other art fairs.
Hotel Art Fair offers a different experience to its visitors. Looking at the artwork
in hotel rooms, one can easily picture what the artwork will look like in one’s own house.
Also hotel room is a more private space, for sellers and buyers it becomes a
perfect business space.

AHAF Seoul 11 will be opened in The Hyatt Hotel a picture like resort in the center
of Seoul metropolis. There is a beautiful panorama of the Han River on the south,
and on the north the Nam Mountain stretches away like a folding screen. In the
middle of the summer together with numerous contemporary artworks the hotel
will stand comparison with Paradise.

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Art Council Korea, City of Seoul,
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and Korea Tourism Organization, in addition,
cooperation of Grand Hyatt, Hyundai Department Store, Ferrari, Guerlain, Vacheron
Constantin, Korea Securities Finance Corp., Pernod Ricard Korea, Villa M, Pilsner Urquell,
Perrier, FedEx, Sinwa Shipping, and Goldmund. AHAF Seoul 2011 will occupy 84 hotel rooms.
The visitors will get a chance to enjoy more than 4000 artworks in one place.
Different artworks priced from 100 USD 150.000 USD will be exhibited.




As a director of Space jul, I realized that there are not enough market or place to show and sell Korean contemporary jewelers’ work. I wanted to introduce what art and design jewelry is to public. It was great experience. Thank you for coming to the art fair!